Why wear a Mask?

As we all know things are a little different out there these days and we are all going to have to get used to some changes in our behavior and the things we wear.
New guidelines for wearing masks on public transport will come into effect on Monday 15th June, but these guidelines might well be put in place for other areas where social distancing just isn't an option.
Why where a mask?
A disposable mask or face covering might seem like a relatively small step to take in the prevention of the spread of Corona virus, but it can dramatically prevent infected people passing the virus to others. Masks prevent droplets being dispersed when the wearer sneezes or coughs, and also prevents the person from touching their nose or mouth directly, which will prevent spread to surfaces. With some people not showing signs of illness its important to put these steps in place with everyone.
How can you make these changes in your business?
We have found that a large number of businesses are going to be offering care packs to their customers, this might include masks and gloves and other PPE that could protect them and staff whilst they are on your premises. Even if you don't choose to provide these yourself it's important to let your customers know what to expect when they visit. Protect yourselves and make sure they know what they will be required to wear when entering your store!