Why Choose the Sentinel?

As we come out of lockdown the most important thing for us is not only the safety of our staff but also the clients that visit us. As we have started to move around more frequently the ability to sanitise our hands on the move has become paramount. 

We are please to be able to introduce the Sentinel Hand Sanitising Unit - whether you are in a retail environment a school or office, there is a suitable solution.

The beauty of the Sentinel Stand is that it can be placed anywhere within your business and moved accordingly to suit your needs.

It's contactless - so no risk of cross contamination, and it has a heavy and stable stand - so no fear of it falling over.

Each unit can be operated by battery or mains depending on your preference with battery life lasting up to 30,000 dispenses.

It's also very cost effective as each 1000ml refill provides approx 1,200 applications at a cost of 1p per dispense.

The sentinel gel contains 70% alcohol - so offers fantastic protection. Environmentally friendly - it is built 100% from recycled plastic.

With Sentinel a healthier future is in your hands.