PPE Buying Guide for Your Business

What could be more important post COVID-19 than ensuring the wellbeing of the people who make your business great.

We have a range of effective and affordable PPE solutions whatever the size or nature of your business or organisation.


Key Products Buying Guide:

The Sentinel Stand/The Sentinel Lite – We recommend as a minimum placing hand sanitising stations at every entrance and exit of your premises, this should include staff entrances. Other high contact areas to consider are toilets, changing rooms, staff room, kitchens, till points, receptions, offices, and high traffic areas. For retail outlets you could include them throughout the store to allow cleansing during the customers shopping experience.


Anti-bacterial Hand Gel - We would recommend all staff to be issued with their own personal hand sanitiser to be kept on them throughout their Shift.


Face Mask/Face Shields – We would recommend that all staff are provided with face masks or shields, if selecting mask please remember that these will need to be replenished regularly.


Disposable Gloves – We would recommend that all front-line staff members wear protective gloves, especially those in high contact roles such as customer service, drivers, cleaners, kitchen staff.


As an estimated guide for every 10 people in your business we recommend the following package:

1-time purchases:


Replenishable stock (once a month):