Keep your business safe with Lateral Flow Covid Testing

With COVID-19 very much a part of everyday life businesses are striving to find ways to continue functioning through the various tier systems and lockdowns. If you are fortunate enough that your business can remain open in the current lockdown in the UK, and are in an industry where remote working is not an option, you are therefore faced with the risk of COVID infiltrating your workforce. 


The new variant has proved to be a much more contagious that its predecessor threatening to send entire businesses into isolation and limiting productivity. This is where using lateral flow testing regularly can really make the difference, allowing your business to function with confidence whilst protecting clients, staff and revenue. 


You might have heard in the news how the NHS and the Government are regularly testing staff to reduce the rate of infection? Lateral flow tests are what they are using to make this happen. 


Lateral flow testing is quick, easy and cost effective and can be processed on your premises giving you results in 15 minutes. 


Regularly testing your team will dramatically reduce the risk of the transference of COVID between your staff members, ensuring that only right people are isolating, maximising staffing levels, minimising unpleasant and unnecessary isolation, allowing you to stay highly functional throughout the pandemic. 


We are now officially distributing the first UK manufactured COVID-19 testing kits to be approved by Public Health England. These tests can be used on site to give rapid, accurate results in 15 minutes!!


-Accurate screening tool (over 98% accuracy)
-Rapid 15 minute test time
-Cost effective vs laboratory tests
-No need for laboratory equipment
-Suited for mass or regular testing
-Approved by Public Health England
-Tests come in packs of 25
-Works on new variants of the Virus