Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page

If you wish to find out whether a particular product is in stock, please call 01392 441000 

Due to the high demand of our products, the brand and packaging may vary depending on supply. This excludes the Sentinel products.

If your product is damaged or not as you expected we will accept a return, please contact us via email to do this - for our returns policy click here. 

Sentinel Gel can be ordered directly online here 

Yes, sentinel gel is a certified vegan product. 

Sentinel gel has a 70% alcohol content and carries the EN1276 certification which means that it kills 99.9% of bacteria. 

A red light illuminated for 5 seconds after dispensing means a low power battery.

A red light illuminated for 2 seconds after dispensing means there is an obstruction under the sensor. 

To register for your extended 2 year warranty please visit and fill out our form under the warranty tab. Your warranty is then registered on our secure database. 

Please note that Sentinel gel has been specifically formulated to work with our stands to ensure there are no blockages or wastage of product. Using an alternative product invalidates your warranty. 

Use the key to open the dispenser and carefully remove the dispensing funnel. Carefully run under warm water and clean both ends with a soft brush or cloth. 

The Sentinel stand comes with all the relevant CE, ROHS and FCC certifications. Sentinel Gel also has ISO and EN1276 certification.